Thunder Open Gym

Session Days and Times:

We will be conducting these workouts on Sunday afternoons from 1pm until around 5pm.
Monday and Wednesday nights from 7pm to 10pm.

Workout Routines:

Day one and or Day two – Come in and continue all med ball work, sled work, all target throws. Possible dry work off mound.

Day Two or Day Three – Bull pen session with Rapsodo Program up to 25 pitches max.  All other pitches done outside of Rapsodo pitcher tracker on separate mound.


For those players playing for Thunder this summer:  $50.00 per Month – Includes two to three day workout session plus Rapsodo Bull-Pen session and review

For those players who are not Thunder summer players: $150.00 per month. Includes two to three day workout plus Rapsodo Bull-Pen session and review.

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