Thunder Academy provides 30 minute private lessons to any player wanting to improve their baseball mechanics, timing, confidence, game time approach or situational play within these focus areas: Hitting, Pitching, Fielding or Catching.

Whether you are a first time player just getting started or a high school player with college aspirations, each player’s need will be effectively identified and accommodated by our professional coaching staff that has a plethora of playing and coaching experience at all levels.

Our individual lessons are designed to make certain your youngster receives the essential training and improvement to be great on and off the field.  Age appropriate methods and training will be utilized and parents will be encouraged to attend and participate during the lesson so that the key techniques taught and learned can be reinforced and duplicated at home.

A 30 minute private lesson costs $55.00 and various lesson packs are available for additional discounts.  Please send email to ThunderAcademyOM@gmail.com or call 720-474-0915 to get your private lesson scheduled or receive more information on the various lesson packs.







Thunder Academy teaches hitting fundamentals that have been extremely successful at all levels for many years which includes some of today’s top major league hitters like Matt Holliday, Brad Hawpe, Chris Iannetta and Ryan Spilborghs.

Hitting is challenging from both a physical and mental perspective and requires a clear formula and approach in order to achieve successful results that are repeatable and sustainable for the long term.

Thunder Academy believes there are three core elements of great hitting along with many other complimentary factors: 1) a strong mental approach, 2) solid swing mechanics and 3) proper timing. When all three elements come together, positive results are achieved – like hitting that hard line drive gapper into deep right center field.

1. A Strong Mental Approach. A player must have a “plan” before walking up to the plate in order to simplify that split second yes/no decision making process which includes anticipating hitting every pitch until recognizing it is out of the zone. And when the player misses hitting that pitch a failure management system has to be in place to deal with hitting the ball 3 out of 10 times.

2. Solid Swing Mechanics begin with a Balanced Stance – any professional athlete operates from a balanced position. Next is having a proper load so that weight gets transferred back and into contact at the right time to avoid drifting. Of course a proper hand path is required for directional purposes (not for power) and then extension through the ball is needed to keep the barrel on a better plane in order to increase the opportunity to make contact with the ball.

3. Proper Timing is tightly coupled with Swing Mechanics and is an integral part of Hitting. With Proper Timing the player will be free of tension or not feeling rushed when swinging at good pitches so that that they can execute Solid Swing Mechanics.

Thunder Academy Coaches constantly strive to provide hitters good instruction, techniques and scenarios to help you physically and mentally while keeping it positive and uplifting. Schedule a hitting lesson today so you can start replicating that big league swing and success!


Thunder Academy’s pitching philosophy is based on what many Major League pitchers implement on a daily basis. Those fundamental principles are as follows:

  • Balanced Load
  • Separation of Hands
  • Stride
  • Leg Drive
  • Balanced Landing
  • Arm Speed
  • Extension
  • Follow Through

Our pitching philosophy includes a solid mental thought process. When solid mechanics are accompanied with solid mental skills, success is not far away.


Thunder Academy’s fielding philosophy focuses on what have made fielders very successful at all levels. We teach the following topics:

  • Balanced Set-up
  • Proper Footwork
  • Disciplined Vision
  • Quick Transfer
  • Mental Game Plan

Our philosophy is based on proper fielding mechanics that accompany a mental approach that includes mental anticipation of the ball being hit to us.