Cage Rental

The Thunder Academy features 23,000 square foot indoor training facility that supports a variety of instructional lessons and programs designed to develop the total baseball player.  The facility has a total of 16 cages that can be used for hitting, pitching, fielding or team workout purposes.

All cages are 12’ wide and vary in length from 36’ to 72’ and are separated by sliding nets which allow for great flexibility.  The playing surface is artificial turf which provides a safe and comfortable training atmosphere and there are plenty of L-Screens and baseballs to go around.

Cages 1-4 can be used for any purpose because they are all parallel to each other which allow the cages to be combined into one larger area to support team activities.  Another option can be to combine two cages or three cages to meet a wide variety of baseball drills.

Cages 5-7 are configured to support hitting and tee work and are paired with pitching machines.  The Iron Mike can throw fast balls from 35 to 70 mph and the Juggs Curveball pitching machine can throw fastballs or curveballs from 20 to 104 mph.

Cages 8-9 are typically used for private lessons but can be easily configured to support hitting and pitching or even fielding.  These two cages can be combined into a larger configuration to support team activities and various drills requiring more floor space.

Cages 21-28 are 12′ by 50′ and can be used for individual or team workouts.

There is plenty of seating for parents to watch their players practice as a team or participate in a program or receive private instruction.  Plus there is free WiFi for those wanting to do a little work or catch up on the latest social postings or email from their friends.

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